A warm “welcome” to all visitors of this page; no matter if you directly came to look or if it's just a lucky break !

Nearly every person loves to collect something; the enthusiasm for artist dolls has been the reason for me to collect in an uncontrolled way :-)

After finishing the „classical“ story (and I tell more about that in the "Infos and tips" - Section) I have now found my passion for very small limited and (unfortunately not so cheap :-( ) artist dolls.
And, by the way, I warmed up for photographing dolls :-)
Of course the passion for collecting dolls never ends, that´s why some BJDs (Ball-Jointed Dolls) also enrich my collection.

It´s a fact that collectors are not only on the “hunt” to get new pieces, but also love it to have a look at others collections. This is the reason why I decided to open a small “window” to my actual (and in the Archive also the former) collection of dolls…

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Here it starts...